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Hello Everyone!

Ohaiyo mina-san!

It's nice to meet you all!  The ever lovely and smexual Team Australia 2009 has given us permission to make a post in this journal as Team Australia 2011.

We have started our own log of adventures over here at: http://haraju2girls.livejournal.com/ and we would love for you to follow the insanity as we begin our journey to Japan :D

We look forward to learning from Catty and Tsubaki, as well as the 2010 Team (Mel and Asham), what to expect and survival tips for what will surely be the trip of a life-time!

Thanks so much for your time,
Love and Kisses
Jess and Tess

LOL I'm Not Dead yet XDDD


LOL sorry old joke is old. XDDD

Missing everyone!!! <3333
Hope you're all still as tres fashionable as ever!

WCS Report - Part 7-8

PART VII - World Cosplay Summit Championship Day - Sunday the 2nd of August 2009
Part 2Collapse )

Part ???Collapse )

WCS Report - Part 4 - 6

Part IV - Trip to Osaka, WIG PORN & WCS Meeting

Part ???Collapse )

Part ???Collapse )

Part VI - Red Carpet & OSU Parade + First Rehearsal - Sat 1st of August 2009

Part 2Collapse )

Part ???Collapse )

WCS Report tiem - Part 1-3

Okay I finally got my act together... XDDD Sorry it took so long. Here is the Full WCS report...

Warning... It's very LONG!!!!

Part I - Before we left

Part 1Collapse )

Part II - Arrival in Tokyo - Day 1 in Japan

Part 2Collapse )



Yeah we totally haven't been spending to much money.... XD

LOLOLOL. We're in Tokyo partying it up and buying SO MUCH STUFF. OMG. The stuff is so awesome. Words cannot describe the awesome stuff.

We're fucked for baggage limits LOLOLOLOL.




I totally miss everyone, from all the countries and the people back home. See you aussies at SMASH MATE!

shopping.... toooo much shopping...


So much shopping... ohhhh soooo much shopping... How the hell am I going to get all this stuff home, plus huge boxes filled with cosplay... FSUK!!!! PRAY WE GET SOMEONE COOL AT THE AIRPORT.... GAH!!!!

MANAH!!!! YOU HAVE MANY PRESENTS!!!! Actually... my whole family does... & I wish I had more time to buy more. OTL'''

Manah I'll be looking for your bag & wallet tomorrow... I hope I find it. I can't wait to see you on friday, but you will have a VERY sleepy lat.

Dadbeh, I'll be catching a maxi taxi or two taxi's to Catty's on friday morning, but I would like to be picked up from there if that's okay??? Either you or mumby would be awesome & I'll call you when I get off the plane & can turn my phone on once more. XDDD


WCS is over... I'm going to miss everyone I have met so much. This has definitely been the experience of a life time. I'm going to miss this sooo much. AH!!! I cried saying goodbye to people I may likely never see again, but pray that I may. MUST EARN MORE MONEY & VISIT HESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!  TT3TT

WAH!!!! this has definitely been the best week of my life. So many amaing memories to cherish forever. Thankyou everyone! *bows*

((I'm sorry I haven't had time to post much. Been sleeping at every chance I've had as there isn't much time to in Nagoya, but now we're off to Tokyo in the morning. YAY!!!! I'll try & get online more from now on. XDDD

Just so my parents know as I think everyone else already does LOL. We didn't win the championship, but we definitely won something alot better. Just being here & having such a perfect relationship with everyone has been so unexpectedly incredible.

Congratulations  to the winners this year. HOLY CHRIST TEY WERE EPIC!!!!

Japan - Grand Champion!!!

Spain - Runner up!!!

USA - Brother!!!

YAY!!! more updates on WCS when I get back home. Until then I'm on holiday, so expect lame updates. XDDD


Okay. Sorry to not being able to reply to everyone! We don't have much time and don't get on the internet very often. SORRY MY LOVES!

Also, the competition is tomorrow!







We made the trip all the way out to Osaka today! We didn't get lost, so that was a miracle! But yeah, there was an "accident involving persons," on our train line (suicide most likely!!!) that meant we had to go another way and OMG WE MADE IT ANYWAY.

And where did we make it you ask?


OMGOMGOMGOMGOGM CYPEROUS. So fucking amazing. Cyperous is sooo cool! So good news! Everyone who wanted Cyperous wigs got them, you need to worship us from getting to nagoya to osaka back to nagoya in one day carrying SO MANY WIGS. My arms are sore! XDDDD

Only one bad thing! Hehalana! We couldn't get one of your wigs, because they were out of stock. It was the curly blonde one. SORRY!

So expect epic wig porn! YAY!


I can't express in words how much fun we are having with all the other teams! We never sleep, but we don't need it when we can party with such awesome people!

Team AMERICA are so pretty in real life! I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. And they're sooooooo endearing. TRES FASHION GIRLS. Renee is also a precious grandpa, SING YOUR LUNGS OUT.

We love Denmark, words cannot express our feelings!

We also got a beautiful Alexiel wig today for Finland girl, because we love her!

AND SKY AND JILL! So good to see the sexy girls again!

And Germany are so nice! We lent them our iron so they can get their costumes in order for tomorrow. WE ARE TRES BUSY.